Privacy screening made from hardwood timber to your specifications - Brisbane

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PRICE:  66.00 per sq mtr excluding framing & painting
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Australian Wood Products
4 Shoebury Street, Rocklea
Queensland - 4106,
Contact Name: Chiong Tiong
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Privacy screening made from hardwood timber to your specifications

All screening timber slats are clear grade , kiln dried hardwood. Slat size: 40mm x 10mm round edged fixed with galvanised nails.

Standard panel sizes available in 1800 x 600mm, 1800 x 900mm, 1800 x 1200mm, 2400 x 600mm, 2400 x 900mm, 2400 x 1200mm, 3000 x 600mm, 3000 x 900mm, 3000 x 1200mm. Framing and painting services available.


Privacy screening made from hardwood timber to your specifications

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Framing, painting & delivery service available.
Free quotes within metropolitan area.
Made to measure.

Attractive price direct from the factory on broom handles, dowels, mouldings, garden stakes. Solid timber doors, timber flooring, decking, sawn timber Etc.
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Freight: Australia wide POA  Condition :New
 Warranty :Yes
Frequently asked questions

1 .  Hi just wondering if you could please provide a quote on the following slat screen for front fence. Left Fence Panel - 3140 x 1500 Gate in middle - 3290x1500 (split into two swing gates) Right Fence Panel - 3460 x 1500 No Delivery required Cheers? - 19/12/2011

Price for 4 panels(middle one is 2 panels) of framed screening as per your dimension is $1,680 picking up from our warehouse. Both right & left panels have a central joint in the middle. The gates have a cross bracing on one side. The screening slats are 40mm x 10mm pencil rounded with 8 to 10mm gap in between slats.. The framing is 65mm x 28mm. Please contact us at 07 3892 1866 if you require more information from us. Thank you.

2 .  Hey, sorry it was 2800 L x 2150 H, please supply quote. Plus delivery to Raceview Qld Cheers Brett? - 19/12/2011

Hi Brett, Cost for 2 panels of framed screen at 2800mm Long x 2150mm H is $1330.00 including delivery to Raceview. Slats size is 40mm x 10mm pencil rounded with gap of 8 to 10mm in between slats. Pl call us if you have any doubt. P: 07 3892 1866. Thank you.

3 .  Hi, please advise of the life of this type of privacy screen if placed on existing fence with a stain/paint applied. What type of wood do you use? Thanks kindly Claire.? - 19/12/2011

Thanks Scott, would you mind quoting for a fence extension with horizontal slats without gaps between slats please. I'm thinking the wood will shrink to some degree and create minimal gaps. Fence dimentions: length - 8m and height - existing 1.8m fence. We have the pailing side of the fence also. Please include delivery to Bridgeman Downs. Thanks kindly, Claire

4 .  Hi, Can you please quote me on a screen no frame measuring 2100 x 2500 including delivery to Sydney. Thanks Alanna? - 19/12/2011

Hi Alanna, Please advise which is the length. Please call us at (07) 3892 1866. Thanks. Best regards/Chiong.

5 .  Hi could you please supply price on 4 X 2400x1200 and 1 X 2400x600. thanks Ged? - 19/12/2011

Hi Gerard, Price for 4 x 2400 x 1200 and 1 x 2400 x 600 WITHOUT FRAME is $712.80 and WITH FRAME is $1,163.00 picking up from our warehouse. Thank you. Best regards/Tiong. Australian Wood Products P/L, 4 Shoebury Street, Rocklea 4106 P 07 3892 1866.

6 .  Hello, I am after screening at these sizes 1@h2480xL1635 1@H2480xL1784 1@h2480xL1685 1@h2480xL814 Plus Freight to sunbury, victoria and est time of delivery Thank you Trevor? - 19/12/2011

hi trevor the price for the screens you want plus freight will be $1310.50 inc gst thank you graeme

7 .  Can you make screens suitable to use as external window screens?? - 19/12/2011

yes we can what ever size you want thank you graeme

8 .  Hi, I'm thinking about putting a screen up for more privacy between mine and my neighbours place - My question is could I screw/bolt your screens directly to my colourbond fence posts or would I need to build in additional solid timber posts? ? - 19/12/2011

hi Justin the screens you require can be put on top of your colourbond fence the only thing you wood have to do will be to screw a piece of timber to the post going up to screw the screens to thank you Graeme 0401547996

9 .  Hi, We have a treated pine retaining wall running the entire width of the back yard (22) with a height of 1 m at one end to 2.5 m at the other. It then runs down one side of the block for 15 m from 2.5 m to 0.5 m. Being treated pine it is rather ugly to look at and we want to cover it with a screen. We would like to know how much it would cost to make a hard wood slat screen. Can this slate system be stained and varnished?? - 19/12/2011

do you want them to be framed or not to be framed so i can quote on them correct thank you graeme

10 .  Please quote on 3 hardwood framed privacy screens: 2 only 2400 x 1500, 1 only 2400 x 1200. Also, please include delivery cost to Nerang. Thank you? - 19/12/2011

the total price is delived $734

11 .  Good afternoon. I am seeking a quote pls for three privacy screens, hardwood, unframed natural timber. Each screen to be approx 2m in length by 51cm in height plus shipping and freight to Canberra, also does this quote cover insurance for the screens in transit? with thanks Ralph? - 19/12/2011

all ready quoted

12 .  Hi, I am looking for a hardwood privacy screen for my outdoor area, QTY 3 by 2400 x 6 metres high, could I please have a quote for framed and just the wood for completion of job, including delivery to Bundamba? Not painted. Thanks Wayne? - 19/12/2011

all ready quoted

13 .  Hi Graeme, Do you make panels with gaps wider than shown on your picture [> 50mm] and how long a lead time is there for orders? thanks ian. ? - 19/12/2011

hi ian what size of a gap are you talking about the lead time is abuot three weeks give or take thank you graeme

14 .  I'm looking to construct a privacy screen/fence to sit higher than the existing 1.8m fence to block out the 2 storey next door. Basically a really high fence separate to existing fence. Would need to cover about 15m and be about 1.2m high. Do they need to be framed to be attached to posts ? What would freight be to Gold Coast? I've posted same message on the micro lattice. Fiona? - 19/12/2011


15 .  would like a quotation for some panels. How much for 4 x 3000x900mm and 2 x 1800x900mm panels. The area I need screened is an odd size (naturally). Are you able to provide a quote on a panel 1930x900mm? Also, on an indicative basis, how much would freight to Sydney be? Thanks, Geoff.? - 19/12/2011

hi geoff the price for 4x3000x900 and 2x1800x900 panels of screening is $617.80 unframed and $1050.50 framed the freight will depend on if they are framed or not thank you graeme

16 .  i have three area's that need screens 1 - 8400mm x 1800mm 2 - 2880mm x 1600mm 3 - 7000mm x 1160mm can you please quote i will arrange transport myself? - 19/12/2011

hi arthur the price for the first one is $968.90 including gst that will be made in three panels the next one the price is $321.50 including gst the price for the last one is $595.3 including gst it also will be made in three panels thank you graeme

17 .  are the screens suitable as stand alone GATES be hung on hinges / or would they need to be framed to provide stiffness & strength?...additionally , would they benefit from a steel framing ? as screens , do you currently have 1.8 metre height panels( any width) the $44 approx per metre price?? - 19/12/2011

dear sir in answer to your question it wood be better if the panels were put on to a steel frame or to be framed in timber for your gates no our panels are only in .6, .9, 1.2 in hight and 1.8,2.4,3.0 long all at $44.00 per squ metre thank you graeme

18 .  can you tell me if you send the screens to sydney and how much a screen 3mtr x 1.2 mtr screen would be delivered to us? - 19/12/2011

hi scott the hardwood screen will cost you $235.00 +delivery all depends how you want to transport it thank you graeme

19 .  Hi there, I would like to put some screeing up around our pool area. The area measures approx 10m long, by 2m high. I am guessing the screeing has around a 10mm gap (which is fine). Is it possible for you to give me a quote? Thanks Mel? - 19/12/2011

hi mel, yes i can give you a quote on the screening you require is there posts there or will i have to put some in

20 .  Hi, We are looking for a hardwood privacy screen for an outdoor area. We need something about 5 metres long and about 1.8 - 2 metres high. Can you quote for something like that including delivery to Ashgrove? Not painted, just natural finish. Thanks Matt? - 19/12/2011

yes i can make screens that big but thay wood be in two panels please ring me on 38921866 thank you

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